Data Viz for Nonprofits (DVN) delivers, through short-term consultations, high-quality, low-cost visualizations that help organizations to:

·       Quickly grasp their data

·       Improve their work

·       Show their impact

Internal Benefits

High-quality data visualizations support productive internal discussion and inform strategic decision making.  DVN’s data visualizations provide easy access to the program and financial analyses required for rigorous internal planning and evaluation. Interactive data dashboards (unlike static Excel charts) allow nonprofits to look at their data from a variety of angles, quickly and easily.

External Influence

In our data-driven world, high-quality data visualizations are essential tools for educating, influencing and attracting attention. DVN's visualizations show progress toward goals, change over time, and comparisons among groups and thus quickly and effectively tell your story to funders, participants, policymakers, media and others. 

Look at any of our sample data visualizations to see for yourself how they surpass anything that could be communicated by an Excel chart alone.

DVN’s Cost-Saving Approach

In-house data visualization capacity can be expensive.  Data visualization software and staff expertise are often prohibitive or simply not wise investments. 

DVN keeps costs down for nonprofit organizations through short-term consultations and free software.  DVN delivers interactive data dashboards that organizations can easily update as they gather new data.  Thus, without incurring any ongoing cost, nonprofits receive sophisticated data dashboards that include a variety of ways to demonstrate the data.

Meeting Your Organization's Needs and Budget

DVN will meet with you (in person, online, or by phone) to discuss your needs and then develop a proposal for a short-term consultation. The proposal will include a budget-sensitive flat fee for all services. So you will know exactly what you are purchasing and not have to worry about unstated additional fees.